Scafell Pike  T - Natural Raw

Scafell Pike T - Natural Raw

In keeping with our efforts to produce high quality lower impact clothing this T shirt is made from 100% Organic cotton then screen printed in the Lake district Cumbria by Ben Dodge using waterbased inks.

The easiest route to Scafell Pike is the direct line via Brown Tongue from Wasdale. This route whilst popular with people who just want to bag the summit only really scratches the surface of what’s on offer. A better choice is to indulge in a longer approach that explores all the nuances of this great mountain range. Cutting across the western flank of the range from Sty Head and gaining height steadily is an interconnecting high-level shelf called the ‘Corridor Route’. This natural path puts you in a stunning position below Scafell’s mighty summit dome at Lingmell Col where it meets with the Brown Tongue path. From here you can gain the summit and then descend to Wasdale down Brown Tongue Path.